Friday, April 10, 2009

Aqua Real 2 Full Version V1.04

Aqua Real 2 Screensaver

Aqua Real 2 Screensaver is a must have for the PC user who wishes to make their computer experience that one step closer to tranquility and it’s easy to get lost in the vibrant colours, the realistic water effects and the fish themselves which are the stars of this program. Highly Recommended!
Dive inside the ocean world
qua Real 2 brings the ocean to life in an eco-simulated virtual reality.

Features of Aqua Real 2:

* Numerous fish available including, Clown Anemonefish, Palette Surgeonfish, Yellow Tang, Yellow Boxfish, Emperor Red Snapper, Queen Angelfish and more.
* Select the number of each specie to let wander by right-clicking for the user options panel.
* Give your fish new habitats to swim within – choose from Shipwreck, Coral Cave and Coral Reef scenes.
* Sea life enthusiasts will love analysing the unique swimming postures and body movements of each animal.
* Watch schools of tropical fish swim around the coral reefs and underneath rocks resting on the ocean floor.
* This life-like screen saver program is also interactive!
* Watch the clownfish race to eat the food you drop for them; tickle them to see them move around; or send a shark amongst the anemone and watch the Yellow Tangs scurry away.
* You can also listen to your favourite MP3 or WMA music files during play.
* Straightforward installation and easy to use program means people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy Aqua Real 2.
* Relax and unwind by watching the hypnotic behaviours of the various fish and sea life swimming in the ocean setting.
* More than just a screen saver – take advantage of the various user options available in Aqua Real by right clicking from the user options panel.
* Many fish species to choose from and multiple reef settings to let them swim within.
* Have fun designing your own reef scenarios and select your favourite songs as background music to set the scene for your underwater world.

Minimum Requirements:

Minimum requirements for running Aqua Real 2 in screensaver mode.

* CPU: Intel or AMD 600 Mhz
* RAM: 256 Mb
* Video Driver: DirectX 9.0
* Video Card: 16 Mb
* Audio Card: 16-bit Directsound compatible
* Hard Drive Space: 45 Mb

Recommended minimum requirements for running Aqua Real 2 in desktop mode:

* CPU: 1.5 Ghz
* RAM: 512 Mb
* Video Driver: DirectX 9.0
* Video Card: 128 Mb
* Audio Card: 16-bit Directsound compatible
* Hard Drive Space: 45 Mb


for Desktop aquariom download here

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stardock Software Collection 2009

Stardock Software Collection 2009 | 282 MB
These are all the 2009 software collection from Stardock

Aquarium Desktop 2006 2.0
Aquarium Desktop Elements Pack 2 and 3
Blog Navigator Professional v1.2.1.256
Bootskin 1.05
ControlCenter v1.5.809 Enhanced
CursorXp Plus v1.31
Desktop Pet v1.00
DesktopX 3.2
DirectSkin v3.0
IconDeveloper 2.00
IconPackager 4.00
IconX 1.10 Enhanced
Impression Creator Professional v1.0
ObjectBar Enhanced 1.65
ObjectDock Plus v1.90.535u
RightClick 1.20 Enhanced
SkinStudio 6.20 Professional
Theme Manager 2005 v2.20
WebBlinds v1.06 Enhanced
WindowBlind 6.2 Enhanced
WindowFX 3.0
WinStyles 1.50 Enhanced

link download


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Snappy.Fax.v4.22.1.1-BEAN @IIX

Snappy Fax Version 4.0 Features


* Windows Vista compatibility

* Due to resource requirements, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME are no longer supported
User Interface

* The tab pages have been replaced with a tree view navigation pane
* Implementation of true "folders" for easy organization of fax documents
* Fax logs (data grids) views now have a fully integrated preview of fax images
* Deleting fax records are now managed by a "move to trash" and "empty trash" metaphor
* Eye appealing window transitions effects
* Version 4 by design uses 'Tray Application behaviour', clicking the close button will minimize snappy fax, use File | Exit on the menu to shut snappy fax down

Companion Software

* Archive Manager has been deprecated and its functionality is now fully included in Snappy Fax
* Remote Submit functionality is now included in Snappy Fax and it has been deprecated as a separate software product
* OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality no longer requires an additional registration fee, it is included in Snappy Fax
(Note: the Transym OCR engine must be purchased separately from

Fax Server Integration

* Automatic import of incoming faxes from the fax server is now supported
* Remote Submit to fax server fully integrated (above)

Fax Security

* Guaranteed safe fax image encryption and decryption is now fully implemented
* Options to automatically encrypt incoming and outgoing faxes are available
* Require Password on startup option now included
* Require Password on period of inactivity implemented
* Require Password to access fax server option implemented
* Required Password to view fax images

Report Printing

* Report engine has been replaced with a much improved version
* A Report designer is now included allowing the user to design his own reports (advanced knowledge required)
* Reports can be exported to pdf, xls, rtf, txt, xml, bmp, tiff, jpeg and html formats

Image Processing

* Image annotations have been rewritten from the ground up, they are now much easier to use
* Pdf, rtf and html files can now be opened into the image viewer (they are converted to an image format first)

Fax Features

* Preset Fax profiles are now implemented to allow one-click faxing to frequently used recipient lists
* Fax Watermarking is now supported
* Digital (graphic file) signatures may now be automatically applied to fax documents

Fax Printer

* The 'APF Fax printer' has been replaced with 'Snappy Fax Printer' to render documents printed from other Windows applications, the new printer driver is compatible with Windows Vista as well. Note: The new fax driver is not compatible with some versions of QuickBooks

Watch File Processing

* Pdf files are now much more efficiently processed
* Rtf and html files can now be processed from a watched folder

Newly Designed Third Party Software Interface

* Passing recipient information from third party software is now easier than ever

download here



Latar belakang pembuatan tret ini, karena gw sangat penasaran banyak orang kagum dg HIRENS BOOTCD yg sekarang sdh versi 9.8. Setelah gw coba & berhasil dipake emang cukup mengagumkan isi dari sopwer tsb. Selaen diinstol ke cd,ternyata bisa jg booting dr USBDISK/PLESDIS.Gw udh ubek2 tret/posting di KASKUS gak ketemu. Kalo bisa booting dr PLESDIS, mk gak terlalu ribet utk dibawa kesana sini. Gw sempat berguru dg para mastah
,al: MOMOD LUCUBRB & OM DODDY MOBILE. Ilmu yg gw dapat itu coba gw share dlm tret ini. Especially for om X-NITRO, scr langsung atopun tidak langsung ini boleh dianggap kelanjutan tret oom , mhn maap gw gak bermakud menyaingi tret tsb, cuma bantu perjelas kalo ada yg mau iNSTALL HIRENS BOOTCD v.9.8 dari PLESDIS mungkin cara gw bisa dipake.

Special Thanks too for : MOMOD LUCUBRB, om DODDY MOBILE &
oom X-NITRO atas suport n permiosnya, krn dr anda2 tret ini ada.

PRAKATA udh terlalu panjang, maka CARA INSTALL HIRENS BOOTCD v.9.8
adalah sbb :

1. Buat 1 folder dg nama, misal : INSTALL HBCD_98_2USB
pd drive/partisi yg cukup gede free space utk simpan
sopwer yg dibutuhkan.

2. Siapkan PLESDIS kosong, kalo ada isinya harap dipindah dulu,
karena akan terformat.

3. Donlot sopwer HIRENS BOOTCD v.9.8dari link
berikut ini :

Simpan di folder INSTALL HBCD_98_2USB. Nama file yg masih
asli hasil donlot tsb : 5ff899c9b1d12b16d31ca0a768d89ac8
(spt yg gw dapat DL dr link diatas). Utk mudah mengingatnya
, maka rename jadi --> HIRENS BCD98

4. Donlot sopwer USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT dari link berikut ini
Simpan di folder INSTALL HBCD_98_2USB

5. Donlot sopwer GRUBINST_GUI dari link berikut ini :
6. Setelah semua terkumpul, liat SS 1 berikut :

Chief Architect v12 (Windows)

Chief Architect v12

Chief Architect is the industry leader for residential architectural home design software.

We have focused the past decade on making this program easy to use for the building professional. Chief Architect will help you be more productive,and we guarantee it. In todayĆ­»s environment, you need to be both competitive and productive with your design work and your clients expect professional designs. Establish more business, be more productive and ensure more satisfied customers using Chief Architect on your next design project!

Chief Architect is specifically designed for the residential and light commercial design professional. Chief Architect makes it easy for you to visualize your design ideas for your client’s home or remodeling project. Move a wall, add a room, redesign a kitchen, change materials, estimate costs – all before you build.

* Automated and Manual Building tools for framing, roofs, stairs, foundations make quick and efficient work of the design process
* Create Plan Sets with the Layout tool and over 500 built-in CAD details
* Powerful 2D and 3D Design and Modeling tools
* Produce dramatic, photo-realistic 3D Renderings and Virtual Tours
* Design in 3D with over 10,000 drag & drop Architectural Software Objects – or import your own

Discover why millions of people use Chief Architect products with our Software. Establish more business, be more productive, and ensure more satisfied clients using Chief Architect on your next design project!






Acme CAD Converter 7.98.1

Acme CAD Converter is a format conversion software for batch and vector files.

Acme CAD Converter allows you to open and convert DXF and DWG files to other file formats.
Acme CADConverter is a format conversion software for batch and vector files. It can conveniently convert DXF,DWF and DWG files into BMP, WMF,GIF, JPEG, PCX, TIFF, PNG,TGA, DXF, DWG, SVG, SVGZ, CGM, EPS, PDF, HPGL(PLT,HGL) etc., and also enable the conversion between DXF and DWG file versions (AutoCAD R2.5-R2008).Supports replace font files. Supports transmit command like AutoCAD,and batch recover drawing files. It can export layers information into the PDF file and it allows you export OLE entity and raster entity into PDF file.

Key features
· Open various DXF / DWG versions ( R2.5-R2008 ) and DWF;
· Identify literal fonts and entity color correctly;
· Supports batched conversion of multiple files;
· Select the printout of color or monochrome raster file; set background color freely;
· Print out raster mask file; be used as image channel (used in Photoshop);
· Replace font files.
· Set the size of raster file to be printed out freely;
· Supports full-screen mode ( press F );
· Supports printing;
· Supports AutoCAD pen sets file (.ctb).
· Can adjust the size of output pages with its layout automatically.
· Convert to PDF;
· Multi-files transmit;
· Batch recover DWG/DXF files;
· Can export layer and raster image in the dwg/dxf file to PDF file
· Can export OLE entity to PDF file.
· Can select a window area for exporting
· Exports the arc/circle objects to true arc/circle objects of other vector file.
· Supports true color
· Supports pen width and destination colors settings, and can export/import these settings
· Creates PDF bookmark automatically with layout name and file name, and you can edit them
· SHX font, XRef and Image search path
· What you see is what you get
· Supports command line parameters;
· Free viewer of dwg/dxf/dwf files.

What's New
· supports to set the DPI when batch conversion.
· two new command line parameters are added (/scale and /margin)
· supports to show the fonts or other files that can not be found.

Link download atau

Gadwin Systems

Gadwin Systems believes that no one should have to buy software in order to find out how well it works.

Our products are available for download and evaluation with a 30-day evaluation license. Click on any product below to download the latest version.
Professional user-friendly program for creating business and technical drawings.
Gadwin Web Snapshot takes snapshots of entire Web pages. This application adds a button to the Internet Explorer toolbar to create, edit, and annotate "Webshots" without
quitting your browser.

link download

link pacth

Caricature Studio Green

Caricature Studio Green, version 3.6 is the only Windows application designed specifically to quickly and easily create caricature art, comics and novelty photos. Just like amusement parks and fair vendors....right on your desktop! Use a variety of

built-in tools and filters to warp, twist and stylize your photos to create hilarious caricature effects. Just like caricature artists at your favorite amusement park, now you can quickly create hilarious cartoon caricature portraits from photos of your friends, family....even celebrities! With Caricature Studio you can open any photo and instantly morph anyone into a caricature. You can add funny clip art images such as hats, talk bubbles, text boxes to your caricature....add text anywhere on the caricature. Use your creations for custom posters, greeting cards, web graphics, the possibilities are endless. We'll even show you how to create caricature gifts such as coffee mugs and T-shirts. Looking for a memorable gift? Create a personable caricature that they'll absolutely love!

Included are many templates, just copy the folder and paste it in to

Install the program
Open the program, click on Help then Register
Enter the following Reg Code: AE3PYRQZZ

Password Recovery Magic v6.1.0

Contains :

Office Password Recovery Magic v6.1.0

Rar Password Recovery Magic v6.1.0
Zip Password Recovery Magic v6.1.0
Office Password Recovery Magic is password recovery software designed
to help users recover the lost or forgotten password. Any office
files' read-only passwords can be recovered here

Office Password Recovery Magic is password recovery software designed
to help users recover the lost or forgotten password. Any office
files' read-only passwords can be recovered here

RAR Password Recovery Magic is a powerful tool designed to recover
lost or forgotten passwords for a RAR/WinRAR archives. RAR Password
Recovery Magic supports the customizable brute-force and
dictionary-based attacks

ZIP Password Recovery Magic is an easy-to-use program that can help
you to recover lost passwords for zip archives. ZIP Password Recovery
Magic provides brute-force and dictionary recovery methods, you can
pause and resume recovery job easily

Link download
Passw : 7Nbt5Cxzaq

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