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Spyware Doctor

Anti-SpywareSpyware Doctor™ provides three-way spyware protection for your PC through real-time threat blocking, advanced system scanning and immunization against known browser infections. Spyware Doctor is a multi-award winning spyware removal utility that detects, removes and protects your PC from thousands of potential spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats. Protect your privacy and computing habits from prying eyes and virtual trespassers with the help of Spyware Doctor.
Anti-virus software and firewalls do not fully protect your system against the majority of spyware and privacy threats. Because spyware is commonly bundled with software downloads, attached to e-mails, or transmitted through networks it can appear to be legitimate software, but once installed it can be nearly impossible to detect and remove without the help of a dedicated spyware removal tool like Spyware Doctor.
Spyware Doctor has consistently been awarded Editors' Choice, by leading PC magazines and testing laboratories around the world, including United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Australia. All current versions of Spyware Doctor have won Editors' Choice awards from PC Magazine in United States. In addition, after leading the market in 2005, Spyware Doctor was awarded the prestigious Best of the Year at the end of 2005.

Spyware Doctor Tools:
- Spyware & Adware Scanner Keylogger
- Guard Popup
- Blocker Phishing
- Protector Real Time
- Protection Browser
- Guard Spyware Cookie
- Guard Malware
- Immunizer

Spyware Doctor Features:
* Detects and removes malware infections including spyware, adware, browser hijackers, Trojans, keyloggers, dialers and tracking cookies
* Frequent Smart Updates to detect and guard against new infections as well as adding enhancements to Spyware Doctor
* A wide range of sophisticated scanning tools including:
--- A Hosts Scanner, which scans the Windows Hosts file for any mappings that may have been altered as a result of malware activities.
--- A Browser Defaults, Favorites and ZoneMap Scanner, which determines if malware has altered your browser home page, favorites or has added any malicious sites to your Trusted Sites list.
--- A Startup Scanner, which removes references to malicious programs that run at startup in the registry and Windows startup files, as well as malicious files in Windows startup locations.
--- State-of-the-art scanning engines, including file scan, memory scan, registry scan, browser helper objects scan, cookie scan and much more.
* The OnGuard feature, designed for continual protection against malware infections and associated activities on your computer
--- A patent pending Keylogger Guard tool, which uses behavioral detection as opposed to signature-dependent methods to detect and block keylogger activities on your computer.
--- An effective Browser Guard, which scans and removes unwanted Browser Extensions in addition to Browser Helper Objects.
--- A powerful Immunizer tool to keep your browsing safe.
--- An easy-to-use Popup Blocker.
--- A Scheduler, to allow scheduling of a Quick Scan, Full Scan or Smart Update at specified times and intervals.
--- A Site Guard tool (Anti-Phishing).
--- A Process Guard tool, which prevents known malicious processes from running on your computer.
--- A Startup Guard tool, which checks for and removes malicious files that attempt to run automatically on your system when Windows starts up.
* Ability to quarantine and restore items that have been detected

Spyware Doctor allows you to remove malware infections from your system that have been detected in a scan, or quarantine them into a contained area. The majority of infections that have been quarantined can be restored at a later time for example. You can customize Spyware Doctor to either remove or quarantine malware items fixed in a scan.

Spyware Doctor 5.0 designed for Windows Vista™, XP and 2000

Spyware Doctor Full Version Information
Current Version:
File Size: 18,029 KB
Operating System: Designed for Windows® Vista™ 32-bit, XP and 2000. Windows® 98 users click here.
Release Date: May 8, 2008
Protection Against: Spyware, Adware, Spyware Trojans, Keyloggers, Identity Theft, Hijackers, Tracking Threats, Rogue Anti-Spyware, Unwanted Software, Phishing, Popups and Bad Websites.
Trial Limitations: The trial offers time unlimited real-time protection (free spyware blocking), but does not remove threats detected during on-demand scans, updates may also differ to those supplied to registered users.
Starter Edition: The Starter Edition offers full scan and removal of threats, and basic real-time protection, is available for free as part of the Google Pack.

Size: 17.5 MB

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WirelessMon Professional v3.0

WirelessMon Professional v3.൦

WirelessMon is a software tool that allows users to monitor the status of wireless WiFi adapter(s) ആന്‍ഡ്‌

gather information about nearby wireless access points and hot spots in real time. WirelessMon can log the information it collects into a file, while also providing comprehensive graphing of signal level and real time IP and 802.11 WiFi statistics.

* Verify 802.11 network configuration is correct.
* Test WiFi hardware and device drivers are functioning correctly.
* Check signal levels from your local WiFi network and nearby networks.
* Help locate sources of interference to your network.
* Scan for hot spots in your local area (wardriving)
* Create signal strength maps of an area
* GPS support for logging and mapping signal strength
* Correctly locate your wireless antenna (especially important for directional antennas).
* Verify the security settings for local access points.
* Measure network speed & throughput and view available data rates.
* Help check Wifi network coverage and range

Any wireless adapter complies with the NDIS_802.11 should be able to report information to WirelessMon. Note that only Windows XP, 2003 and Vista support this software. Windows 95, 98 and NT are not supported. Windows 2000 (Service pack 4 and above) may work but is not actively supported.

All the various IEEE 802.11 standards are supported, including 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g. 802.11N is supported to the extent provided by Windows XP and Vista, as the draft becomes a completed standard more 802.11N support should become available. Some features may not be supported by some wireless adapters, typically they will report only partial information in this case. It has been also been noted that several wireless adapter manufacturers are not providing device drivers that are fully Windows compliant.

Wireless LAN information
The following wireless LAN information is displayed by WirelessMon (when available, as not all wireless adapters will support all of these features).

* Current connection information: SSID; Connected access point MAC address; Signal strength; Tx Power; Authentication type; RTS Threshold; Fragmentation Threshold; Channel in use; Frequency being used; Number of Antennas; Beacon Period; ATIM Window; Dwell Time; Hop Pattern; Hop Set.

* Statistics information: More than 30 parameters are reported. Including a detailed break down of frames sent and received, error counts, transmission retry counters and related low level data.

* IP information: Information about the current TCP/IP connection is reported. Including the adapter MAC address; Adapter device driver name; the IP Address; Subnet Mask; if DHCP is enabled; the Gateway Address and the DHCP server IP address.

* IP counter information: Network throughput is monitored and displayed. This includes the maximum bandwidth available from the network adapter hardware, the current send and receive data rates in bytes per second and packets per second, plus error counters.

Download :


USB to Ethernet Connector

Share USB devices over Ethernet or Internet, access remote USB devices as if they are plugged into your local computer!

USB Over Ethernet is a professional software solution allowing to work with USB devices remotely. Server and Client parts are installed on the same computer.

USB Over Ethernet allows you to share USB devices over IP. You can connect to a shared USB device and use it just like it is plugged in your machine. And there is no need to install USB device's driver software on the PC to share it.

How it works:

To start working you need to install USB Over Ethernet on any computer that uses USB devices you want to be shared. Another program copy you need to install on the computer where from you want to work with your USB device. When program is installed each user can connect to any computer in the network by adding the IP of that computer in the USB server zone. So you can access them very easy.
USB Over Ethernet is useful for:

1. Software developers for integration USB Over Ethernet functionality into their application. USB devices could be shared and connected up from the application.
2. Corporations, offices for accessing remote USB devices that are physically located in another office. And there is no need to purchase additional devices.
3. Other organizations in all cases when several users need to use the same unique, heavy or specific equipment.

USB Over Ethernet works with:

* Dongles.
* Mobile phones.
* Web cams.
* Audio devices.
* Mass storage devices.
* Printers, scanners, bar code reader devices and so on.

USB over Ethernet is a professional software solution allowing to work with USB devices remotely over IP. You can connect to a shared USB device and use it just like it is plugged in your machine. Server and Client parts are installed on the same computer.
It gives you the ability to:

* Share USB devices over Network.
* Connect shared USB devices with a free USB over Ethernet Client.
* Work with remote USB devices as if they are connected directly to your computer.

USB over Ethernet software is useful for everyone who needs to work with USB device that is physically plugged into remote computer. And computer is located in another building or even another city.

USB over Ethernet is easy to install and use. The program does not require any special knowledge and installs easily right out of the box.

Step-by-step instructions of using USB Over Ethernet:

1. Install USB Over Ethernet on the computer where USB device is physically plugged in.
2. Start the program.
3. Share USB device:

1. select needed USB device in the list of main window;
2. select 'share device'. It becomes available for connection:

4. Connect shared USB device:

1. add remote PC with shared USB device to the list;
2. you will see the list of USB devices available for connection;
3. Select necessary USB devices from above list and click Connect button or select menu Remote->Connect Device:

All is very simple!

* 64-Bit compatible (x64)
* USB v1.1 and USB v2.0 compatible
* Device sharing, unsharing, connection and disconnection on-the-fly.
* VMware, Virtual PC compatible
* USB server and client are installed on one computer!
* Support of high-speed isochronous USB devices
* Remote USB devices auto-connection as soon as they become available for connection
* Broken network connection auto-reconnection
* USB device sharing without driver software installation
* Deny sharing or connection of specific USB devices
* Tray icon and menu for quick device sharing/unsharing and connection/disconnection
* FREE USB Over Ethernet Client for connecting shared USB devices

System Requirements

Administrator privileges required to install or uninstall USB Over Ethernet.

USB Over Ethernet works on the following operating systems:

* Windows 2000
* Windows XP
* Windows 2003 Server
* Windows Vista
* Windows XP 64-bit Edition

Download :


McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 3 User

McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 3 User

All you Need

Enjoy a Worry Free Online Experience with
McAfee All-in-One Protection

Protect Your Personal Information from Identity Theft

Online Identity theft is on the rise. Without a firewall, hackers are

able to steal and use your credit card, National Insurance number, and

other personal information.

McAfee Internet Security Suite includes
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus to lock hackers and identity thieves out

of your system.

Delete Sensitive Files and Emails Permanently

Even when you delete files from your desktop, the information can

remain on your hard drive, ready to be exposed or stolen. Keep your

private, personal, and financial files secure by eliminating them


McAfee Internet Security Suite includes
McAfee Shredder to let you control the information that your computer


Shield Children from Dangerous Content and Online Predators

According to Harris Interactive “One of the most significant risks for

spyware is having a minor in the house”. The internet exposes children

to a wealth of information and education. It also exposes them to

inappropriate material and potential online predators. Keep your family


In 2006 almost 25 million kids and teens were regularly using the


64% of minors online use illegal sites, such as pirated music downloads


“Digital Music” is the riskiest search term, even more than risky than

“adult content” related terms.

McAfee Internet Security Suite includes
McAfee Privacy Service to let you chose where your children surf.

Prevent Dangerous Virus Attacks with Anti Virus software

Each day hackers unleash a new siege of virus attacks, ready to steal

your information and harm your computer. Infected computers can be

expensive to fix, but viruses can also destroy your computer beyond


McAfee Internet Security Suite includes McAfee Virus Scan Plus with

automatic anti virus updates to scan your computer for the latest

Put an End to Spam

80% of all email is spam – More than 40 million spam messages are sent


Spam clogs your inbox and poses virus threats. Simply deleting the

unwanted emails is not enough, put an end to spam and the threats it


McAfee Internet Security Suite includes
McAfee SpamKiller to stop Spam before it gets in.

Stop the Danger and Irritation of Pop-Ups

Pop-ups prevent you from fully enjoying the internet. Not only do these

irritants interrupt your internet experience, they also overwork you

McAfee Internet Security Suite is
Easy to install so you are running and protected in no time.

Easy to Install and Always On

NEW! Silent and Automatic Download and Install

Never worry about updates or installations again. All McAfee services

now provide

Automatic downloads

Automatic installations

Automatic upgrades

NEW! McAfee Virtual Technician

Now when you access your McAfee “Help” section, you will have access to

McAfee’s newest customer service addition – the McAfee Virtual


This technician will:

Improve your ability to understand alerts

Streamline the setting of parental controls

Allow you to diagnose and resolve common issues quickly

McAfees’ Best Selling Solution is Now Even Better

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Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercises

Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercises

No more punch lines that just slipped away. No more names on the tip of your tongue. No more senior moments! Drawing on cutting-edge neurological research, how to keep your brain alive:

83 neurobic exercises brings help to everyone whose memory is starting to slip. Devised by Dr. Lawrence Katz, a professor of neurobiology at Duke University Medical Center, and Manning Rubin, author of 60 Ways to Relieve Stress in 60 Seconds, here is a regimen of mental cross-training that can be done anywhere, by anyone, at any time of day.

The premise is simple: When you exercise the brain, you release natural growth factors called neurotrophins, which in turn enhance the brain's level of fitness. And nothing so easily stimulates the brain as breaking routines and using the five senses in new and unexpected ways. So if you're right-handed, wake up tomorrow and brush your teeth with your left hand. Or close your eyes before you get into the car and then get the key into the ignition. Every time you open a new circuit in your brain, it's like doing a round of mental sit-ups, without the pain.


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Folder Marker V2.0 + krack

Folder Marker V2.0 + krack

Does your office routine bother you? Get rid of it in one mouse click!
How many folders do you have on your computer?
Scores of them? Hundreds? Thousands? Are all of them are alike: yellow folder, yellow folder, yellow folder, yellow folder... It's so easy to be confused with such a routine!

Folder Marker is your small assistant, an ardent fighter for your convenience and comfort in any kind of computer work. Use Folder Marker to mark your folders. One mouse-click and it becomes clear at once which documents have a high priority, and which of them have a normal or low priority. It is easy to see which operations have been finished completely, which are partly done and which haven't been started yet.

Do you fear that someone might unintentionally delete information necessary to you? Mark a folder, and other users will notice at once that that folder contains important information.

By allowing you to change the folder icons, Folder Marker will help you to cope with the standard yellowness. Folder Marker adds an item "Mark Folder" in the folder popup menu. Changing a folder icon is now a piece of cake.

Key features:
Folder Marker can change a folder icon with one mouse click
Folder Marker can mark folders by priority (high, normal, low), by degree of work complete (done, half-done, planned), by work status (approved, rejected, pending) or by the type of the information contained in a folder (work files, important files, temp files, private files).
Folder Marker can change a folder's color to normal, dark and light states.
Folder Marker changes folder icons from within a popup menu of the folders. To mark a folder, you don't even need to run the program! Moreover, you can customize the popup menu for your own needs
Folder Marker Pro can change the Network folder icon. So you can customize your LAN
With Folder Marker you also have two additional options for folder icon changes: "Make customized folder distributable" (portable) and "Apply selected icon to all sub-folders"
Folder Marker's menu can contain convenient category submenus.
Folder Marker contains a User's Icons tab. Add your favorite icons and mark folders with them. It's easy!
Folder Marker can work with several folders at once
Folder Marker can assign an icon to a folder from: ICO, ICL, EXE, DLL, CPL or BMP file

Just a head note. After the icons apply you must restart your machine so that the aplies could be recognized. Have fun

Download :


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