Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FBI Faces 4.0

FACES 4.0 Features:

* Creates photo-like composites
* Generates unique alphanumeric code for every composite
* Extensive database of facial features
* Runs on any standard desk or laptop computer
* Expanded Latin, Asian and African-American features
* Three-tone hair color
* Side to side hair flip
* Facial markings: scars, moles, piercing, tattoos
* Improved age progression
* Detachable hats and headwear
* Full Windows XP compatibility
* Ability to export composite as JPEG file
* Integration with TRAK alert system
* Slide show capability
* ?Not A Real Photograph? Indicator
* Improved zooming and positioning tools



Lina Gustina said...

It's cool; it looks like I've seen on movies.

The Rattlenetwork said...

Wah bagus juga nih..!!

brigaspad said...


Rizky2009 said...

wah mantab kawan,bisa d sedot kan nich, btw free ga ?

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