Friday, April 10, 2009

Aqua Real 2 Full Version V1.04

Aqua Real 2 Screensaver

Aqua Real 2 Screensaver is a must have for the PC user who wishes to make their computer experience that one step closer to tranquility and it’s easy to get lost in the vibrant colours, the realistic water effects and the fish themselves which are the stars of this program. Highly Recommended!
Dive inside the ocean world
qua Real 2 brings the ocean to life in an eco-simulated virtual reality.

Features of Aqua Real 2:

* Numerous fish available including, Clown Anemonefish, Palette Surgeonfish, Yellow Tang, Yellow Boxfish, Emperor Red Snapper, Queen Angelfish and more.
* Select the number of each specie to let wander by right-clicking for the user options panel.
* Give your fish new habitats to swim within – choose from Shipwreck, Coral Cave and Coral Reef scenes.
* Sea life enthusiasts will love analysing the unique swimming postures and body movements of each animal.
* Watch schools of tropical fish swim around the coral reefs and underneath rocks resting on the ocean floor.
* This life-like screen saver program is also interactive!
* Watch the clownfish race to eat the food you drop for them; tickle them to see them move around; or send a shark amongst the anemone and watch the Yellow Tangs scurry away.
* You can also listen to your favourite MP3 or WMA music files during play.
* Straightforward installation and easy to use program means people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy Aqua Real 2.
* Relax and unwind by watching the hypnotic behaviours of the various fish and sea life swimming in the ocean setting.
* More than just a screen saver – take advantage of the various user options available in Aqua Real by right clicking from the user options panel.
* Many fish species to choose from and multiple reef settings to let them swim within.
* Have fun designing your own reef scenarios and select your favourite songs as background music to set the scene for your underwater world.

Minimum Requirements:

Minimum requirements for running Aqua Real 2 in screensaver mode.

* CPU: Intel or AMD 600 Mhz
* RAM: 256 Mb
* Video Driver: DirectX 9.0
* Video Card: 16 Mb
* Audio Card: 16-bit Directsound compatible
* Hard Drive Space: 45 Mb

Recommended minimum requirements for running Aqua Real 2 in desktop mode:

* CPU: 1.5 Ghz
* RAM: 512 Mb
* Video Driver: DirectX 9.0
* Video Card: 128 Mb
* Audio Card: 16-bit Directsound compatible
* Hard Drive Space: 45 Mb


for Desktop aquariom download here


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