Sunday, April 5, 2009

Snappy.Fax.v4.22.1.1-BEAN @IIX

Snappy Fax Version 4.0 Features


* Windows Vista compatibility

* Due to resource requirements, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME are no longer supported
User Interface

* The tab pages have been replaced with a tree view navigation pane
* Implementation of true "folders" for easy organization of fax documents
* Fax logs (data grids) views now have a fully integrated preview of fax images
* Deleting fax records are now managed by a "move to trash" and "empty trash" metaphor
* Eye appealing window transitions effects
* Version 4 by design uses 'Tray Application behaviour', clicking the close button will minimize snappy fax, use File | Exit on the menu to shut snappy fax down

Companion Software

* Archive Manager has been deprecated and its functionality is now fully included in Snappy Fax
* Remote Submit functionality is now included in Snappy Fax and it has been deprecated as a separate software product
* OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality no longer requires an additional registration fee, it is included in Snappy Fax
(Note: the Transym OCR engine must be purchased separately from

Fax Server Integration

* Automatic import of incoming faxes from the fax server is now supported
* Remote Submit to fax server fully integrated (above)

Fax Security

* Guaranteed safe fax image encryption and decryption is now fully implemented
* Options to automatically encrypt incoming and outgoing faxes are available
* Require Password on startup option now included
* Require Password on period of inactivity implemented
* Require Password to access fax server option implemented
* Required Password to view fax images

Report Printing

* Report engine has been replaced with a much improved version
* A Report designer is now included allowing the user to design his own reports (advanced knowledge required)
* Reports can be exported to pdf, xls, rtf, txt, xml, bmp, tiff, jpeg and html formats

Image Processing

* Image annotations have been rewritten from the ground up, they are now much easier to use
* Pdf, rtf and html files can now be opened into the image viewer (they are converted to an image format first)

Fax Features

* Preset Fax profiles are now implemented to allow one-click faxing to frequently used recipient lists
* Fax Watermarking is now supported
* Digital (graphic file) signatures may now be automatically applied to fax documents

Fax Printer

* The 'APF Fax printer' has been replaced with 'Snappy Fax Printer' to render documents printed from other Windows applications, the new printer driver is compatible with Windows Vista as well. Note: The new fax driver is not compatible with some versions of QuickBooks

Watch File Processing

* Pdf files are now much more efficiently processed
* Rtf and html files can now be processed from a watched folder

Newly Designed Third Party Software Interface

* Passing recipient information from third party software is now easier than ever

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