Friday, August 7, 2009

Studio Matematika (Math Studio) !

Math Resource Studio

Windows Software | Math Resource Studio | 14.3MB

Math Resource Studio combines the same ease-of-use that made Mathematics Worksheet Factory a favorite instructional tool of teachers around the world with greatly improved design flexibility. Now you can go beyond single-page, single-concept math worksheets to multi-page, multi-concept math reviews, learning-packs and workbooks almost effortlessly.

Generate printable math worksheets and activities to provide students with the precise skills development and math practice they need as part of a differentiated numeracy program.

Math Resource Studio makes it easy to create differentiated activities to support your lesson objectives and target the learning needs of all of your students. Match the varied skill levels in your classroom with the exact practice required to advance those skills to the next level. And do it in seconds.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division? Yes. And a whole lot more. With Math Resource Studio you will be able to generate math worksheet activities to cover a diverse range of math areas including:

* number operations
* number concepts
* algebra
* geometry
* fractions
* numeration
* time
* money
* math puzzles
* ratio and percent
* measurement
* and more

A total of more than 70 unique math worksheet activities in all. And with the many optional settings for each activity, there are actually hundreds of activity configurations available. See below for descriptions of all the worksheet activities.

The Questions You Want Instantly
Math Resource Studio incorporates a powerful random generation engine. You select the options and the program creates an original set of questions and calculates the answers. This allows for virtually unlimited original worksheets. Of course, there may be times that you want a specific type of question included in a randomly generated group. No problem at all. Click on the numbers in a question to open an exercise editor that gives you the ability to create the exact question you require.

Flexible Design
Using the friendly, intuitive interface, you will be able to see exactly what your math resources will look like on paper as you design them. You will have complete control over the layout of your documents from number and type of questions to a variety of special design elements.

Never Search for a Math Worksheet Again
You will probably never have to browse the Internet for a math worksheet again. Nor will you have to pick through file folders of old photocopies and blackline masters, flip through workbooks, get lost in the mazes of the online worksheet providers, or spend your valuable time manually creating one with pencil and paper. The exact differentiated math worksheet activity you require for tomorrow's lesson will be right at your fingertips.

A Closer Look at Numeration
Consider the possibilities in just the area of numeration. You can generate worksheets to advance and reinforce skills in:

* counting patterns
* comparing numbers
* ordering numbers
* prime factors
* prime numbers
* multiples
* place value
* rounding
* expanded notation

And then consider the variations within just the expanded notation activity itself. You can generate worksheets to cover:

* standard notation to words
* words to standard notation
* standard to expanded
* expanded to standard
* standard to place value
* place value to standard

And then let's take just one of these variations, let's say standard notation to words. Set the number of questions to 10 and the number range from 10 to 1000 and click the generate button. An instant worksheet and answer key. Click the generate button again--a different set of questions. Click the generate button again--a different set of questions again. Keep clicking, and you get a completely new worksheet with each click.

Print Math Worksheets Right from Your PC
Math Resource Studio is the teaching tool you need to create virtually unlimited, professional-quality, printable math worksheets right on your PC. And fast. You set the parameters for the worksheet and then click generate. And almost magically the exact worksheet you require to support your lesson objectives and meet the needs of your students is created right before your eyes. And the answer key is created right along with it.

Minimum System Requirements

* Windows Vista, XP, 2000
* Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer. Click here to go to the Microsoft website to download the latest version of Internet Explorer

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