Wednesday, July 1, 2009

McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 3 User

McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 3 User

All you Need

Enjoy a Worry Free Online Experience with
McAfee All-in-One Protection

Protect Your Personal Information from Identity Theft

Online Identity theft is on the rise. Without a firewall, hackers are

able to steal and use your credit card, National Insurance number, and

other personal information.

McAfee Internet Security Suite includes
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus to lock hackers and identity thieves out

of your system.

Delete Sensitive Files and Emails Permanently

Even when you delete files from your desktop, the information can

remain on your hard drive, ready to be exposed or stolen. Keep your

private, personal, and financial files secure by eliminating them


McAfee Internet Security Suite includes
McAfee Shredder to let you control the information that your computer


Shield Children from Dangerous Content and Online Predators

According to Harris Interactive “One of the most significant risks for

spyware is having a minor in the house”. The internet exposes children

to a wealth of information and education. It also exposes them to

inappropriate material and potential online predators. Keep your family


In 2006 almost 25 million kids and teens were regularly using the


64% of minors online use illegal sites, such as pirated music downloads


“Digital Music” is the riskiest search term, even more than risky than

“adult content” related terms.

McAfee Internet Security Suite includes
McAfee Privacy Service to let you chose where your children surf.

Prevent Dangerous Virus Attacks with Anti Virus software

Each day hackers unleash a new siege of virus attacks, ready to steal

your information and harm your computer. Infected computers can be

expensive to fix, but viruses can also destroy your computer beyond


McAfee Internet Security Suite includes McAfee Virus Scan Plus with

automatic anti virus updates to scan your computer for the latest

Put an End to Spam

80% of all email is spam – More than 40 million spam messages are sent


Spam clogs your inbox and poses virus threats. Simply deleting the

unwanted emails is not enough, put an end to spam and the threats it


McAfee Internet Security Suite includes
McAfee SpamKiller to stop Spam before it gets in.

Stop the Danger and Irritation of Pop-Ups

Pop-ups prevent you from fully enjoying the internet. Not only do these

irritants interrupt your internet experience, they also overwork you

McAfee Internet Security Suite is
Easy to install so you are running and protected in no time.

Easy to Install and Always On

NEW! Silent and Automatic Download and Install

Never worry about updates or installations again. All McAfee services

now provide

Automatic downloads

Automatic installations

Automatic upgrades

NEW! McAfee Virtual Technician

Now when you access your McAfee “Help” section, you will have access to

McAfee’s newest customer service addition – the McAfee Virtual


This technician will:

Improve your ability to understand alerts

Streamline the setting of parental controls

Allow you to diagnose and resolve common issues quickly

McAfees’ Best Selling Solution is Now Even Better

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