Sunday, November 1, 2009

SpViewer Enterprise

SpViewer Enterprise | 39,7 MB

spViewer Enterprise is the most advanced product in spViewer product tool set. This unique product is intended for large enterprises providing a convenient framework to manage and analyze Oracle STATSPACK and AWR performance data of complex enterprise Oracle database environments. This product provides support for all the current versions of Oracle STATSPACK utility starting with 8.1.7 up to Oracle Release 11.1.0. This product supports most of the latest Oracle10g and 11g performance tuning features like Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM), Active Session History (ASH) and others.

* Support of all current Oracle STATSPACK and AWR versions including 8.1.7, 9.0.1, 9.2.0, 10.1.0, 10.2.0, 11.1.0, 11.2.0
* Full support of performance statistics included in standard Oracle STATSPACK and AWR reports.
* All reports, statistics and any other information are managed from a single repository.
* Ability to store generated charts and STATSPACK reports analyses in a central repository.
* Automatic STATSPACK data copying between databases.
* Export/Import of STATSPACK data and reports using XML files.
* Ability to build charts for custom created statistics and store them in the database repository.
* Support of alert generation and DBA notification by e-mail service.
* An intuitive graphical user interfaces with fully customizable chart appearance.
* Trend chart reports are available for any STATSPACK performance metric.
* Ability to manage in GUI the Oracle STATSPACK and AWR data as taking the snapshots and cleaning the old data.
* Support of multiple simultaneous instance connections.
* Support of creation central repository that stores STATSPACK and AWR performance data for all enterprise databases.
* Ability to schedule chart reports for automatic execution and printing.
* Statistic baseline feature support.
* Analysis of reports generated by STATSPACK utility which highlights problem (bottleneck) areas and provides intelligent hints and tips on performance tuning.
* Average chart plotting functionality to generate trend charts by day hours, week days, and months.
* Oracle Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) 10.1.0, 10.2.0, 11.1.0. 11.2.0 support.
* Oracle Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) support.
* Oracle Active Session History (ASH) support.
* Oracle SQL Tuning Advisor support.
* Real time chart reports for database metrics computed by Oracle database.
* 100 real-time performance chart reports.
* Much more advanced features.

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