Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Control your pc from anywhere

Access & Control Your PC from Anywhere

For you, success means finding the perfect balance between work and life. You work hard and play hard. LogMeIn Pro gives you the edge you need: in the office, on the road or wherever you choose to go. Now with Remote Sound, Drag and Drop and so much more, you'll never come closer to actually being there.

Gain seamless and total access to your home or office PC from any computer with an Internet connection. If you are looking for increased flexibility and productivity, welcome to LogMeIn Pro.

Advantages of LogMeIn Pro:

* Remote Sound Hear email notifications, check web based voice mail or listen to music and podcasts from your host computer
* Drag & Drop Seamlessly transfer files and folders between connected PCs
* Sharing Share files or photos instantly with others, even those too large for email
* Remote Printing Automatically print files from your remote PC to your local printer
* Direct Connect Save time and clicks by going directly from the My Computer's page into a remote control or file transfer session
* Mini Meeting Invite a colleague or friend to your PC for an online meeting; view only or full control
* File Transfer Move files quickly between PCs
* File Sync Synchronize files and folders on both PCs in seconds
* Drive Mapping Link your local drives to your target PC
* Quick Clips Short format how to video clips on LogMeIn features and functions




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