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MoneyCare Plus 2.0 (Accounting) !

MoneyCare Plus 2.0 | 6 MB

Are you looking for a personal accounting software which is simple to handle and needs no prior knowledge in accountancy…and certainly without a heavy price tag? Then you are in the right place, we have MoneyCare+, an ultimate personal and office accounting software for you.

MoneyCare+ is a personal accounting software which enables you to
# Handle your personal accounting needs simply
# Track your incomes and expenses
# Print reports according to your needs
# Remember the payments
# Assign shortcut keys for frequent tasks
# Extend your system with the available Addins
# Handle different accounts under the same login

System Requirements

» Windows 95/98, NT, 2000, ME, XP. Minimum 16 MB RAM, 64 recommended.
» 20 MB Hard Disk space.
» Minimum Screen Resolution 800 x 600.
» Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher.
» Microsoft Data Access Component version 2.6 (MDAC 2.6) or higher (Needed if you download MoneyCare + version without MDAC).
» In operating systems Windows 2000 or higher (ME, XP), Microsoft Data Access Component
2.6 (MDAC 2.6) or higher is already installed. So no need of installing this component separately.

Link Download
(Rapid |
(Ziddu |

(www.softarchieve.net |

Games: Tourist Trap !

PC Game | Action/Sim | Zemnott Games | En | 14 MB | UPLOADING+RS

The city of Kitschville has been through some pretty hard times. Most manufacturing and business in the area closed long ago and the city has borrowed itself into a pretty deep hole. A $1,000,000 deep hole! armacrew cracked this game. Things aren’t as bad as they sound though, because the City Council has a plan to reinvigorate Kitschville’s economy by making it the #1 tourist destination in the country!

System Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista Memory: 256 MB DirectX: 7.0 or later CPU: P 500

Link download
(Klic Here |
(Klic Here |
(Klic Here |

(www.softarchieve.net |

Hide Folders XP v2.9.8.421 MultiLang

Windows Sofware | Hide Folders XP v2.9.8.421 MultiLang | 1.77 MB

Hide Folders® XP is a simple but ingenious program for Microsoft Windows XP and 2000 users. Every day we trust our personal files to a computer. Who knows how many people will want to get access to them? If you share your computer with coworkers, children, spouse or your computer is always connected to the Internet, your private files are under threat of being revealed. Since 2001, our Hide Folders software products help our users to hide private files and folders from prying eyes.With Hide Folders XP you can easily protect any number of folders and files on your computer. You can select any file or folder to protect from the program, drag-and-drop the desired files and folders from Windows Explorer into the Hide Folders XP window or just right click mouse button on a file or folder in Explorer and select “Hide & Lock with Hide Folders XP” from the drop-down menu.

Features and benefits:-
* Unlimited number of files and folders to protect
* Different protection modes: Hide folder, Lock folder, Hide & Lock folder
* Instance protection - It doesn't perform any file scrambling or moving to another "secret" place.
* Protected folders will be inaccessible to all users including system administrators
* Password protection against unauthorized users
* Folders can be protected even in Safe mode
* True stealth mode
* Windows XP x64 compatibility
* Optional Windows Explorer integration
* Evidence elimination
* Hot keys support


(www.softarchieve.net |

Hacking eBooks Collection CD 2009

Hacking eBooks Collection CD 2009
eBooks Collection | English | Format: PDF & CHM | 1CD | ISO | 391 MB

Full List:
1000 Hacker Tutorials 2008 - Full Version
Ben Jackson, Champ Clark - Asterisk Hacking
Big Book of Apple Hacks: Tips & Tools for unlocking the power of your Apple devices
Car PC Hacks by Damien Stolarz
Craig Schiller, Jim Binkley - Botnets: The Killer Web Applications
Dangerous Google – Searching for Secrets
Firefox Hacks by Nigel McFarlane
Hack Windows XP 2009
Hacking a Terror Network: The Silent Threat of Covert Channels
Hacking Exposed Windows : Microsoft Windows Security Secrets and Solutions
Hacking Exposed, Sixth Edition: Network Security SecretsAnd Solutions
Hacking into Computer Systems
Hacking the XBOX 360 For Noobs 2008 Edition
Hacking Ubuntu: Serious Hacks Mods and Customizations”
HAKING 2006 ISSUE 2 English Language
Information Security and Ethics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications
Information Warfare: How to Survive Cyber Attacks
Joe Grand's Best of Hardware, Wireless, & Game Console Hacking
Kris Kaspersky “Hacker Debugging Uncovered"
Linux Firewalls
Mit Open Source-Tools Spam und Viren bekämpfen: Für Unix- und Linux-basierte Mailsysteme
Network Perimeter Security Building Defense In-Depth
No Tech Hacking: A Guide to Social Engineering, Dumpster Diving, and Shoulder Surfing
One Click Windows XP 100 Percent Genuine
PayPal Hacks (100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools)
PC Hacks 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools By Jim Aspinwall
Perl Hacks Tips & Tools for Programming
Rootkits For Dummies 2007
Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box
Surviving Security: How to Integrate People, Process, and Technology, Second Edition
The Dark Side of the Internet: Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Online Criminals
The Database Hacker's Handbook: Defending Database Servers
Thomas Vosseberg “Hackerz Book"
Visual Studio Hacks: Tips & Tools for Turbocharging the IDE by James Avery
Wireless Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools

After unrar u have Iso file . Use UltraISO or PowerISO to open it.

Download :


FBI Faces 4.0

FACES 4.0 Features:

* Creates photo-like composites
* Generates unique alphanumeric code for every composite
* Extensive database of facial features
* Runs on any standard desk or laptop computer
* Expanded Latin, Asian and African-American features
* Three-tone hair color
* Side to side hair flip
* Facial markings: scars, moles, piercing, tattoos
* Improved age progression
* Detachable hats and headwear
* Full Windows XP compatibility
* Ability to export composite as JPEG file
* Integration with TRAK alert system
* Slide show capability
* ?Not A Real Photograph? Indicator
* Improved zooming and positioning tools


Lock My PC 4.9.7 - Full Version

Lock My PC is an easy in use, powerful and compact tool to lock your computer from unauthorized use. When you leave your computer unattended, the program disables the hot keys (including Ctrl+Alt+Del), mouse, locks CD/DVD ROM doors and displays a lock screen. Nobody can access your system without providing the correct unlock password.
Features and benefits:
Quick and safe computer lock by hot key, or mouse click
Autolock when computer is idle
Correct Ctrl+Alt+Del lock
Bulletproof startup lock (couldn't be bypassed in safe mode)
Different installation mode
setup for home or corporate use
ROM doors lock
Multi? user support
Multimonitor support
Auto turnoff when computer is locked for a long time
Blind password option
Stealth mode
Windows XP x64 compatibility
Custom lock screens
Cycling lock screen images
Screen saving effects
Lock screen transparency
you can view movies under the locked screen
Password protected settings, quit and uninstall
Command line options
and many more
Another benefits of Lock My PC in comare with Windows lock feature:
Custom lock screens and transparent lock screen options
Your computer can be used as a presentation machine
The screen displays pictures or video, but nobody can touch your computer;
Secure Lock before Windows welcome/logon screen;
Displaying unsuccesfull unlock attempts
you will be notified if anyone tried to unlock your computer;
If Lock My PC is used in muilti-user mode, a supervisor can unlock the computer without closing user session;
You can lock CD/DVD ROM doors along with the desktop, keyboard and mouse
this can prevent CD media from being stolen while you are out;
Command line support allows you to use Lock My PC in Internet kiosks.


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